The Grove Elite 24 Port Shielded 19″ Patch Panel, an advanced solution featuring four removable 6 Port Modules for streamlined termination and housing of Grove Elite Keystone Jacks. Designed to meet the needs of both Shielded and Unshielded variants, this patch panel offers a simple and compact platform for efficient network organisation.

Key Features-

•Modular Termination: The 24 Port Patch Panel includes four removable 6 Port Modules, providing a modular approach to termination and facilitating ease of maintenance and upgrades.

•High-Strength Shielding: Crafted with a high-strength die-casted zinc alloy shielding design, the panel meets industry standards for shielding. This ensures optimal performance and protection against electromagnetic interference.

•Rear Cable Management: Supplied with a rear cable manager, the patch panel helps organise and route cables effectively, contributing to a clean and tidy network setup.

•Earthing Wire with Spade Connector: The pre-fitted earthing wire with a spade connector ensures proper grounding, promoting network safety and stability.

•Universal Compatibility: Compatible with any 19″ enclosures or frames, the Grove Elite Patch Panel seamlessly integrates into various networking setups.