GROVE Consolidation Points provide a pragmatic and user-friendly solution for the efficient distribution of horizontal cabling within buildings. This proves especially advantageous in dynamic settings where office layouts and equipment placements frequently undergo changes.

It’s important to note that Keystone Jacks/Mechs are not included with GROVE Consolidation Points. This intentional omission allows you the flexibility to choose and install Keystone Jacks that align precisely with your networking requirements.

Upgrade your cabling distribution strategy with GROVE Consolidation Points—a reliable and adaptable solution designed to meet the changing demands of dynamic office environments.

Both the 12-port and 24-port Grove Consolidation Points include removable 6-port modules, internal high-density foam strips, and secure screw-lockable cover lids. These features are designed to ensure that cabling connections are reliably secured and effectively protect against the ingress of dust.

>> Keystone Jacks/Mechs are not included.