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Welcome to the Product Overview brief for Grove Communication Supplies, your Australian connection.

Grove Communication Supplies has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality Network Connectivity products for Australia and the Pacific Rim for over 16 years.  During this time Grove has worked hard to build an install base and earn repeat business support from contractors, carriers & security installers around the country.

As a 100% Australian owned company that designs, develops and supplies locally we can move with your custom designs, build prototypes locally or internationally and then supply.  Grove Communication Supplies maintains the highest build standards, so you can rest easy knowing your network infrastructure is in good hands.

To be competitive in today’s market we need to keep abreast of industry trends and developments in standards, therefore we are confident in offering a comprehensive product warranty for the complete installed component of Grove Communication Supplies Structured Cabling Solutions for a period of 20 years based on current AS3080/ISO Applications being deployed.

Due to market feedback we have endeavoured to make our 20 year Warranty process is as simple possible.

  1. All Companies must use ACMA Open Licensed technicians with specialist endorsements.
  2. Register the project details with Grove Communication Supplies and supply a copy of the plans prior to cabling on site.
  3. Use compliant Grove products throughout the installation.
  4. Grove Communication Supplies will conduct several Site inspections prior to testing being completed. (time and date stamped photo’s for remote site where no access can be gained)
  5. Use an industry compliant tester, setup to correct Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) and Permanent Link parameters, test and submit the results to us with a complete set of floor plans.

Once the relevant documentation is received a certificate of warranty based on results compliant to standards will be issued. *star passes will not be accepted

For the products Grove Communication Supplies provide, we are happy to provide full specification sheets where available on demand.  The information contained herein is a brief snapshot of the overall solutions available.  If you need assistance in design of your cabling plant we are willing to provide support and assistance.

With sales offices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and our R&D and major warehouse in Western Australia we are well placed to support you on a National basis and we look forward to working alongside of you in the future.


Solution Overview.

1        Data Centre Solutions

1.1      Cold Aisle Containment

1.2      Chill Water Solutions

2        Server Cabinets – Elite Range

2.1      Free Standing

3        Cabinet – Express Range

3.1      Wall Mount

3.2      Free Standing

4        Copper Connectivity

4.1      Cat6 – UTP / F-UTP

4.2      Cat6A – UTP / F-UTP

5        Fibre Connectivity

5.1      Fobots

5.2      Fibre Cable types

5.3      MPO & Pre Terminated Fibre Solutions

5.4      Fibre Patch cords, Pigtails and Industrial options

6        Specialty Solutions


6.2      DCIM

6.3      SILENTIUM

6.4      NBN Specialty Media Enclosure

6.5      IP Rated 19” Enclosures

7        Grove Commitment




1        Data Centre Solutions

1.1      Cold Aisle Containment

Grove Communication Supplies has a scalable and modular approach to the Cold Aisle containment solutions, whether using 3rd party cabinets or our ELITE premium range of cabinets we can accommodate Solutions from 2 cabinets onward.  Due to the fluctuating heat requirements of a Cold Aisle Solution these are designed in close consultation to ensure best fit for present and future needs.

1.2      Chill Water Systems

Whether a standalone server or network cabinet, sometimes the client facility is not available to have a room allocated or cooled to accommodate your sensitive equipment.  Grove Communication Supplies in Partnership with ATEN are able to work with your environment and come up with an effective design using the NRGence TM   Energy Intelligence Cooling System.  Imagine a system producing 360kW of cooling capacity with a maximum power consumption of only 3.7kW. Using a Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) and Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) a better environment for your operational platform is only a call away and can be completely monitored and managed via the Heat Management Interface (HMI) which seamlessly connects into any Building Management System (BMS). www.aten.com

2        Server Cabinets

2.1      Free Standing

The ELITE Range of premium server & equipment cabinets is the perfect solution for any Data Centre or communications room where you require good cable management capabilities, the cabinet is of a tool less design so you can make adjustments on the equipment rails on the fly without looking for the right size socket or spanner, saving your skin and reducing OH&S issues.

With a full range of accessories this is a premium product capable of handling 1000KG Rolling Load and 1500Kg Static Load.  With Perforated Front and rear doors, 45RU with the choice of 600mm, 800mm wide and 800mm or 1000mm Deep this is the only option for your DC design.  Other Non-standard depths and widths available on request – We will manufacture to your requirments.* Volumes and time frames to be negotiated and advised at time of enquiry.

3        Cabinets – Express Range

3.1      Wall Mounted Cabinets

The Express Range of Wall mounted cabinets has been created around the need of the Installing contractors and the requirements of the end users. Available in 6,9,12 & 18RU and standard depths of 350mm, 500mm & 600mm these Cabinets are ideal for Small Office installations of Networks or as a secure Cabinet to mount sensitive equipment.

3.2      Free Standing

Suited as a standalone Network cabinet the Express range of freestanding cabinets are designed to meet a tight budget without sacrificing quality, available in 22, 27 & 42RU Heights with varying depths and widths they are perfect for housing Edge Switching and Floor LAN Cabling.  Some of the included features are; Castors, removable side panels, reversible hinged lockable front & rear doors with top and bottom front & rear doors with top and bottom cable entry points make this range a very user friendly option.

4        Copper Connectivity

4.1      Cat6 – UTP / U-FTP

Meeting and exceeding current ISO and AS3080 Class E – Performance Standards our Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Unshielded Foil Twisted Pair (U-FTP) cabling solution is now the minimal performance that Grove Communication Supplies adheres to and recommends to our clients due to the fast paced growth of applications and network performance speeds.


For the Office, Home or non-Electrically noisy environments the UTP Category 6, Class E solution is the best solution to meet the environmental conditions and exceed all performance expectations, If the environment is susceptible to Signal interference (noisy) the choice of cabling to best fit will be the U-FTP this means that the construction of Pair is encased in a Foil to protect the integrity of the Data Signal, the foil also assists with heat dissipation so even in POE environment the U-FTP solution would be the optimum to meet the current Permanent Link Standards.


Grove offers a comprehensive 20 Year Performance Warranty for our end user clients.*See front page

4.2      Cat6A – UTP / U-FTP

Meeting and exceeding current ISO and AS3080 10Gigabit Performance Standards our Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Unshielded Foil Twisted Pair (U-FTP) cabling solution is now the minimal performance that Grove Communications adheres to and recommends to our clients due to the fast paced growth of applications and network performance speeds.


For the Office, Home or non-Electrically noisy environments the UTP Category 6A, Class Ea solution is the best solution to meet the environmental conditions and exceed all performance expectations, If the environment is susceptible to Signal interference (noisy) the choice of cabling to best fit will be the U-FTP this means that the construction of Pair is encased in a Foil to protect the integrity of the Data Signal, the foil also assists with heat dissipation so even in POE environment the U-FTP solution would be the optimum to meet the current Permanent Link Standards.


Grove Communication Supplies Cat6A U-FTP RJ45 Socket is a Tool-less termination style that makes it the easiest in the market to terminate right first time every time. This means no shorts on termination, no more re-termination at the testing phase of a project.


Grove offers a comprehensive 20 Year Performance Warranty for our end user clients.* See front page.

5        Fibre Connectivity

5.1      FOBOTS

Grove Communication Supplies specialises in the development of fibre optic enclosures to suit all environments and customer needs. Our extensive range of enclosures accommodates all types of installations, including fusion splicing, pre-terminated cables and MTP connection.  We have developed a complete range to suit any application including 19” rack mounting, wall mounting and industrial use.





They are precision made, using high quality materials and have powder coat finish to ensure long term usage and reliability, coming in three main styles; Fixed 1RU 48port LC, Wall Mounted 24Port LC & Sliding Enclosures 1,2 & 3RU from 24port LC to 144port LC. With a full range of Coupler Panels and Thru adaptors suit most environments.

5.2      Fibre Cable types

Grove Communication Supplies supports one of the only Australian manufactured and owned Fibre Optic cabling companies.  With the fibre cable types there are multiple construction types depending on the environment they are being installed in.  Riser Construction, Loose Tube, Sacrificial Sheath, Industrial Armoured in various Core Counts from 4Core through to 48Core and higher on request.  With varying light modes: Single Mode OS1/OS2, Multi Mode OM1, OM3/OM4.

Being Aussie Manufactured and Owned anything is do-able so please ask us for any specialty builds.

5.3      MPO & Pre-Terminated Fibre Solutions

With the high deployment levels of MPO / MTP solutions and pre-terminated solutions in the Data Centre we understand that critical timelines need to be adhered to, it is a tough enough assignment scheduling an Outage let alone not having the goods when you need them.  At Grove we can turn around Custom Builds for clients in a three week window*.  Method A or B terminations to suit Juniper switches, various lengths, Modes and styles of jacketing are available.

If pulling a fibre in why not arrange for a hauling sock to be applied to alleviate connector and cable damage.

5.4      Fibre Patch Cords, Pig Tails & Industrial options

All of Grove Fibre Patch Cords and Pigtails are pre-tested at the factory and bagged with test results so that you can calculate budget losses as you implement the solution.  Most patch lead configurations are available off the shelf in 1, 2,3,5,10,15 and 20mtr lengths.  SC, SCA, LC, ST (*LCA, MTRJ and others are available upon request)

The Pigtails are available in single, 6pack and 12 packs for convenience of identifying backbone crossover and matching the cores to each other correctly.

Grove Communication Supplies is excited to release Armoured Fibre Patch Cables for those harsh environments whether in an industrial plant or for more robust use in communications LAN systems. Available in Glossy Black also matte, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White, Grey, Pink, Red, Clear, with various styles of connectors.

Picture1      Picture2

**These are subject to Minimum order quantities so please call regarding your enquiry.



6        Specialty Solutions

6.1      Power Distribution Units (PDU’s)

ATEN has developed a new generation of green energy power distribution units (eco PDUs) and Energy Box to effectively increase the efficiency of data centre power usage. To meet the demands of today’s power hungry data centres while reducing energy costs, you will need the power distribution unit with proactive overload protection for data centre of ATEN NRGence™ Solutions.

Current PDUs will cut off an entire circuit when the power is overloaded, resulting in a sudden shut down of all connected equipment – which can include lighting, air conditioning, and IT equipment. ATEN PDU with Proactive Overload Protection (POP) automatically powers off the outlet that caused a current overload, when a power overloading condition occurs in the data centre. It prevents all other equipment from being shut down as a result of one circuit being overloaded.

ATEN’s PE9, PE8, and PE6 series of PDUs support Proactive Overload Protection. With these PDUs installed, you will have the most secure and reliable power distribution solution to protect single IT racks or entire data centres.  ATEN, the PDU Expert, is the best partner for all your data centre power distribution solutions.

6.2      DCIM

eco Sensorseco Sensors Energy Management Software

eco Sensors software has been developed to work with ATEN’s new generation of PE series green energy power distribution units (PDUs) to effectively increase the efficiency of data centre power usage. With the use of dynamic Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI) by zone, eco Sensors software, in conjunction with sensor-enabled eco PDUs, gives you the means to assess, diagnose and estimate how much energy you can save. Following the suggestions generated by the sensor-enabled system allows you to optimize energy usage to save energy without harming your IT equipment’s reliability. The eco Sensors utility provides single portal, single login, secure, centralized, access, administration and management of up to 255 PE devices over the network – local and worldwide – anywhere and anytime.

6.3      Silentium

AcoustiRACK™ACTIVE – www.silentium.com/wp-content/uploads/Silentium001DataSheet_ARA-v4.pdf

Sound-proof Rack mount Cabinet with Active Noise Control AcoustiRACK™ is a range of Soundproofed Rack mount Cabinets available in forms and comes in various sizes; Miracel® ARA (MARA) 33U, 15U (1000mm, 1200mm deep).

Silentium introduces a breakthrough in noise reduction performance with ARA™ of up to 30dBA equipment noise attenuation. The ARA™ has been designed to trap and absorb unwanted noise generated inside the rack, while actively allowing free air movement and heat exchange with the outside of the unit, resulting in up to 8KW cooling/heat dissipation.

Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noises. Once combined with unique high quality acoustic materials, this product achieves unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum of up to 20dBA. These high performances are achieved by using the patent pending modular Active Silenced Fan Tray™ (ASFTTM) units, which can be easily applied to any miracel 19″racks.

6.4      NBN Specialty Media Enclosures

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout firmly underway, there is inevitably a demand for enclosures to house equipment. Not only to keep the network termination device (NTD), universal power supply (UPS) and any other data communications components neat and tidy, but to optimise performance and keep gear protected from accidental damage and dust. Requirements have been put in place by NBN Co to assure that these enclosures are compliant and therefore conducive to the operation of any technology that is installed. This has been outlined in Residential Preparation and Installation Guide: SDUs and MDUs.

Three major considerations lie at the heart of the document. These are: the size of the enclosure, available space around internal equipment and the level of ventilation. The guide requires that an enclosure (also named a ‘home distributor’) must have a minimum internal volume of 20L (20,000cm3) and the minimum surface area of mounting required for an indoor NTD composite layout is 2,000cm2. Additionally, the minimum available depth of a home distributor for mounting NBN Co equipment is 10cm, providing a minimum 2cm clearance between the NBN Co equipment and the door/cover. It is also specified that enclosures must provide unimpeded air circulation and should be installed in an area with a bulk space of at least 1,000L in volume, such as a wardrobe, large room or, as most commonly used, a garage. Heat is inevitably a major concern with any electrical equipment and the relationship between the long term operating temperature of a device and its lifespan is plain to see.

NBN Co estimates that for its equipment, failure rates double for every 10ºC rise in the long term average temperature within an enclosure. According to the guide: “To reduce the chance and frequency of equipment failure, it is important to optimise an equipment enclosure’s ability to dissipate heat”. This in turn reduces inconvenience to the end user, productivity – loss, and the costs involved in managing failures and restoring services. For these reasons, the design of an open enclosure or home distributor should be optimised to take advantage of convection cooling. “Convection currents established in the air within and around the enclosure carry heat away from the equipment, minimising temperature rise in the electronic equipment it houses. Effective convection requires enclosures to be thermally ventilated.” As such, NBN Co has outlined a series of rules for the ventilation of an enclosure, NBN Co will refuse to install its hardware if an enclosure is deemed non-compliant.

Picture3                                   Picture4




6.5      IP Rated 19” Enclosures

IP Rated 19” rated Enclosures are becoming the norm for most of our harsh industrialised environments for a plethora of applications whether Triple play systems for demountable camps or Industrial Process control stations.  These typically have been a hard item to source, Grove Communications has in stock 9RU, 15RU & 21RU IP65 wall mounted enclosures and 12RU IP55 enclosures.  We can design build and supply any quantity you may require.

7        Grove Commitment

“To provide high quality innovative customer focused network and cabling solutions on time and within budget while providing a great environment for customers and staff.”

Independently owned with a specialized team including R&D, located throughout Australia and with production facilities in China, Taiwan and Thailand, Grove Communication Supplies is positioned to supply leading edge solutions competitively.


In 2002, Grove Communications developed its own ‘approved’ range of Grove ‘voice grade’ products. Then in 2005 followed up with the Express range of Category 5 and 6 products.  More recently releasing the Elite range of Cat6/6A U-FTP connectivity. By 2009, Grove Communications had developed its own range of Grove Communications fibre optic products and has since supplied this solution to several multinational cabling vendors. Grove Communication Supplies has recently released its patent pending ‘Grove Express’ enclosure to facilitate customers to fully use the benefits of the NBN co.’s National Broadband network.


Grove Communications has a continued plan of expansion with offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and China. We also have experience with distribution of Grove Communications branded product internationally.


With our range of 3000 products covering 13 product groups Grove Communication Supplies has a solution to meet most business requirements and welcome the challenge to develop new customer solutions.


Grove Communication Supplies vision is to be the leader and first choice in providing innovative network communication and data infrastructure solutions to organisations of all sizes. Delivering increased productivity and performance within budget.


Why choose a Grove Communications Solution:

  • Grove Communication Supplies understands the individual needs of its customers and provides product solutions that fit those needs.
  • Grove Communication Supplies personnel are specialists with over 120 years of combined industry experience.
  • Grove Communication Supplies products are extremely robust and meet the highest performance and safety standards in the industry.
  • We provide local support throughout Australia.
  • We guarantee our solutions and stand by our recommendations.